£ 28.95
TB.   Extended Tow-Bar Bracket, Quadzilla 500 / 600 4x4, etc.Genuine "CF Moto" up-grade.
Extended tow bracket to fit:-
Q500 4x4
RS6 EFi, etc.
This bracket has a length of 150mm to provide much-improved access to the tow-ball on these models.
(original bracket = 110mm)

£ 68.95
TB.  Quadzilla/Apache/Ram Tow-Bar Kit. (standard, clamp-on, original type)Tow-Bar kit originally designed to suit Quadzilla 170E/200E/250E + Apache RLX250, Barrosa 250,...
£ 54.95
TB.  Super-Extended Tow-Bar Bracket, Q500 / 600 4x4, etc.New product !
Super-long towing bracket, as fitted to the new Quadzilla 520 "S" models.
This bracket has a total overall length of 280mm.
The mounting bolt holes are of 10mm diameter and 45mm apart (centre-to-centre), thus enabling fitment to the majority of the earlier Quadzilla (CF Moto) 500 + 600cc "Sports Utility" 4x4 machines also, using metal spacers (supplied, but not shown in photo) and longer bolts if needed (M10 x 1.25 x 70mm long, not supplied).
Please see image to show dimensions.

£ 69.95
TB.  Tow-Bar Kit for Quadzilla 170/250/300 Models (inc. "Reverse" versions) + Apache, etc.Now back in stock !!!
Complete tow-bar kit suitable for Quadzilla 170 single cylinder + 250/ 300...
£ 21.95
TB.  Trailer Hitching Ball (Tow Ball), 50mmUniversal trailer hitching ball, specifically designed for Quads + ATVs
New, "H-D"...
£ 38.95
TB.  Universal, Three-Way, Extended Tow-Bar Bracket..NEW !!!  Q500/600 4x4, etc.Extended tow-bar bracket with three-way tow option.
Supplied complete with mounting bolt, locking washers + nut.
Simply bolts on through original tow-ball mounting hole.
Especially suitable for Quadzilla (CF Moto) 500cc + 600cc "4x4" models where original tow-ball position gives poor access.
Can be fitted either way up (note:- "ring" needs to be removed if fitted to LOWER tow-ball position)
Vastly improves clearance available between tow-ball and rear of quad.
Extremely popular accessory !!!