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£ 54.95
AF.  Air Filter , RJWC Performance, Dinli / Quadzilla 450   (cone type) + RS-7 Super UtilityNew product !
RJWC performance (foam) air-filter to fit Dinli + Quadzilla 450 / "901" + "903"...
£ 36.95
AF.  Air Filter, CF Moto models (450, 520, X8, Tracker, etc.)Genuine, CF Moto standard air-filter.
Fits numerous models, including:-
CForce 450 + 550
520 4x4
X8 + Z8
Tracker 550 + 800, etc.
(please check image to verify this filter is correct for your machine)

£ 19.95
AF.  Air Filter, Moto-Roma UQ300-S / Quadzilla 300 "4-Valve"Genuine air filter (foam element)
Fitments include:-
Moto-Roma UQ300-S
Quadzilla 300 "4-Valve" (single cylinder)
AXR 300-E SP
Adly Sporty "2"
Please note:- This item is the replaceable foam element only, not the plastic "body" of the filter (which should never need replacing).
£ 51.95
AF.  Air Filter, Quadzilla 300, 320 + 325 Utility, etc. (Linhai + Buyang)Genuine air filter.
Direct from manufacturer.
Fits most of the "Quadzilla"-branded utility quads of 300, 320 and 325cc, including:-
Linhai SUV300
Linhai SUV 320
Buyang 325, etc.
Dimensions (please check prior to placing order) :-
Overal filter length = 215mm
Overal external diameter = 100mm
Internal diameter of rubber fitment end = 62mm
(see photo...)
£ 25.95
AF.  Air Filter, Quadzilla 500-E, RS6 4x4, Z6 Buggy, etc.Genuine, standard air-filter.
Supplied direct from manufacturers (Linhai).
£ 38.95
AF.  Air Filter, Quadzilla MBX750 4x4Genuine air filter for Quadzilla MBX750 4x4 Sports Utility quad.
As per photo.