Quadzilla 520S EFi 4x4. (Euro 4 spec.)

£ 5,299.00
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Quadzilla 520S  EFi 4x4. (Euro 4 spec.)Brand new model !
Developed from the universally acclaimed Q500-ES model....
This robust Sports Utility quad retains the electronically-selectable 2wd/4wd system, complete with diff. lock facility and reverse, disc brakes and independent suspension all-round, cvt transmission, lcd instruments, winch, tow-bar, front + rear carry-racks, etc. but has now been fitted with the slightly larger capacity "high power" engine unit from the C-Force model.
Highly recommended !!!
Available in blue, black or camo.
Please note:- Graphics on the UK-spec. model vary slightly from those shown in the photograph.